Leonne Hendriksen
History / Mail: leonnehendriksen@gmail.com



1972 Graduated Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

1974 Post graduated Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

1972-2005 Industrial design activities for Dutch, Italian and German companies. Realised several prototypes in collections of European private collectors and Musea.

1974-2005 Art activities in landscape art, textile art, soft sculptures, painting, ceramics but mainly installations. Works are in Tilburg, The Netherlands and Kyoto, Japan and many private collections.

To study local cultures and to enrich her own philosophy and aesthetics travelled for professional stays in foreign countries as China, India, Italy, Algeria, Germany, Mexico, Japan, France, England and South Korea.

Lives when not travelling in her French country house, her studio in Amsterdam and often as possible in Italy.

1980-2005 Group Art Exhibitions in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Tilburg (The Netherlands), Hamburg, Erfurt, (Germany), Turin, Fabriano, Milan (Italy), Paris, Pornichet (France), Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), Icheon (South Korea).

1987-2005 Solo Art Exhibitions in Tilburg, Amsterdam, Breda, Delft, Heerlen, Rotterdam, Noordwijk, Hoorn, Sittard, Geldrop, Den Bosch (The Netherlands), Hannover, Hamburg (Germany), Paris (France), Cleveland Ohio (USA).

1974-2005  Teaching, Workshops, Lectures in Nijmegen, Tilburg, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Essen, Berlin, Hamburg, Kassel (Germany), Shang Hai (China), Kawashima (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), Geneva (Switzerland).



The general philosophy of life and death duality, the experiences of travels, new materials or new ways of using old techniques inspired her projects. Within these projects she builds modules to be installed after some months in different installations fitted to the available space and surrounding environments. The materials used until now include: gauze, stones, lead, light paper, acrylic paint, paraffin, metal pigments, clay, porcelain, tree branches, sand, horn, water.

Amsterdam, March 2005